Everything we know about platforms,
right there on your screen

The lang cat’s Platform Analyser contains up-to-date proposition, pricing and business performance information for the top 26 advised platforms in the UK. Each part of Analyser is designed to fit your regulatory responsibilities and has been created post-PROD and MiFID II.

Your new home for platform analysis


Platform Directory

The original and best, the Directory lets you deep dive into platforms one at a time with hundreds of proposition, pricing and business information data points.

Due diligence

Run full due diligence reports based on the lang cat’s proven methodology. Get a full audit trail every time so future generations can marvel at your work.


Run one-off comparisons on any number of features between platforms instantly. Want to know who integrates two-way with your back-office system? Yours in seconds.

Platform insight

Worth the admission price alone, your subscription includes quarterly market insight and data, along with monthly publications on what’s important in the market.


We reckon Analyser contains the most advanced interactive pricing engine in the UK. Now includes the ability for you to include your special deals.

Expert support

We don’t just put our expertise into the system. We put it into you so you can get the most out of Analyser. It’s like having a tiny lang cat in your office, except without the litter tray.

Why it works

We’re not playing around. Sitting behind Analyser is a huge amount of know-how and expertise. Here’s why we think you should take it as seriously as we do.

Up-to-date information, sense-checked by us

Platforms continually inform us of new developments via a bespoke portal, and we refresh data formally each quarter.

The key is that we don’t just take what we’re given – we pass it through the patented lang cat marketing nonsense filter first (note: may not actually be patented). What you get is what platforms actually do, minus the fluff.

Total independence, always

Most comparison systems make their coin by charging providers fees to be listed, or by offering marketing packages, or by giving out ratings and gongs which the platforms have to pay for if they want to stick on a brochure.

We don’t do any of that. No platform can pay to be on – or not on – Analyser, and if we ever offer precious-metal themed ratings you can take us for one of those fateful trips to the vet.

Suitability comes first

The regulation – whether it be COBS, MiFID II or PROD, is quite clear. Do what’s right for the client first, then consider your own business needs.

That’s how we approach Analyser. We’re all over the regulation that affects your business, and the workflows we design are custom-built to give you defensible, robust answers to difficult questions.

Ready to get started?

We love that. Whether you are just playing with the free Platform Directory, signing up for a free 14 day trial of Platform Analyser or diving right in, we’re ridiculously happy to have you on board. Just hit the button and start your journey to more robust, defensible, suitability-driven, cat-based platform selection.