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We’re proud to introduce the beta version of MPS Analyser. Its launch in April 2022 means Platform Analyser isn’t just about platforms now. It covers MPS propositions too, at no additional cost for you. We’re starting with eight MPS providers, should be up to 20-25 very soon, and will progress swiftly to whole of market thereafter. In time we’ll also add SIPPs and other products. So we’ll just call it Analyser from now on.

All of this means Analyser is increasingly able to help you create defensible, robust, suitable propositions for your clients. It doesn’t do the financial planning for you, but it can do the heavy lifting in terms of identifying the most suitable regulated kit to use – helping with your PROD and Consumer Duty responsibilities in the process.

It’s worth mentioning that we don’t charge providers to list on Analyser, and nor are there little extras they can buy like ratings, stars, premium listings or anything like that. It means we preserve our independence – Analyser is paid for by its users.



Premium Analyser users have access to a very familiar layout, covering areas of functionality, business information, pricing and performance. The performance area is one we’re particularly proud of – we think it’s the best expression of a straightforward performance comparison tool out there. We’re not trying to take on the big fund research analysis guys; we’re just trying to make comparing MPS ranges easy.

You can run quick comparisons with providers and across ranges. There’s no quicker way to find out who does what. And when it’s time to work out who is worthy of your clients’ money then there is a full due diligence track to run on, just like in the platform side. Every decision you make is recorded, narrated by you, and played back in a report designed to be tucked in your client files. Run reports for individual clients or client segments: it’s up to you.


You’ll be able to see the MPS section of Analyser, but you won’t see any detailed data. Building this stuff isn’t cheap, and we have to draw the line somewhere. If you fancy giving premium Analyser a try, there’s a seven day free trial so you can see if it works for you. If it does, the ticket is still £300 a year plus VAT, and you can pay monthly or annually.

To upgrade to premium, just log in, scroll below the platform directory and click on any premium content, as shown by the padlock. Or click ‘see more’. From the message that pops up , select ‘go premium’ and follow the steps.

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Just hit the button and start your journey to more robust, defensible suitability-driven, cat-based platform and MPS selection.