we wish it could all be free

But a cat’s got to eat. The good news is that Platform Analyser operates without any long-term tie-ins or excruciating contracts. Stay as long as you want. Leave when you want.

And we promise to always offer a free tier which is genuinely useful. If you’re happy researching platforms one at a time and you don’t need to run due diligence reports or access our insight reports, then it’s on us. You don’t owe us a penny.

Platform Directory
Bespoke pricing engine
Due diligence reports
Monthly insight publications
Regular webinars
Best practice sessions
Personalised support
Cost Free, gratis and for
£25pm / £300pa
plus VAT

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Just hit the button and start your journey to more robust, defensible, suitability-driven, cat-based platform selection.

Pricing FAQ

(Fictional Awkward Questions)

Good for them. We thought long and hard about it, but £300pa is what we think is a good price. Scratch that, an insane price for what you get. So if you prefer life to be easy and to get one invoice for the year, or to do it month by month, it’s all the same to us. We really don’t mind if you choose the monthly option.

Yep. You can do that. But when you cancel you’ll lose the reports you’ve already built so you won’t be able to rerun them in future. Also, we’re a small business and you probably are too. Doing this will make you one of *those* people and we have particular a) words and b) countermeasures for you, some of which may involve the afterlife and very specific punishments. We’ll take our chances, but if your version of sticking it to the Man is to do the lang cat over by draining everything you can in month 1 and then cancelling then you are raging against the wrong machine.

No. For most small to medium-sized firms, one license will be fine. You can share logins, but only one user can be logged in at a time. We haven’t built firm-level licenses where you can have multiple users with shared access to different things yet, but we will if subscribers tell us they want it.

Oh goodness no. We can barely cope with what we’ve got. Our intention is that as we extend and enhance Analyser in future, it’ll all be within your existing sub. There are one or two things that some firms have asked for – mainly fund feeds – which would cost a fortune to do. We might ask subscribers in future if they’d be happy to pay a bit more to get access to that, but otherwise the price is the price. Otherwise it wouldn’t be the price and we’d need to charge something else.



Aye. But only for annual subscriptions. Our FD, who is very well-balanced most of the time, gets a vein throbbing in her forehead at the idea of monthly £25 + VAT invoices, and we all know where that can end up. Neither you nor us want any part of that.

Yes. May we recommend some kind of diary reminder? We don’t want to be taking money off folk who will resent it, but the way our payments system works (it’s Stripe, by the way) means this is how it has to be.

Yes, it is. As you’ll be reminded of during the sign-up process, Platform Analyser is only available to independent advice professionals. If you work for a provider, industry body or larger consultancy CLICK HERE and we’d happy to provide you with a demo. And an invoice which befits your budget.

No, you’re not, and we’re watching and you may have a call from us which you will find unpleasant, especially when we name and shame you out there on the social medias. Shame! Shame! Shame! Nothing but Shame!