Fixed that for you: state of the platform nation

Fixed that for you: state of the platform nation


We’ve thought about it. And we think that 2018 was the biggest year in platforms since RDR. Replatforming, corporate activity (four IPOs and an acquisition) and regulation formed an unholy trinity that saw some of our biggest names fall from grace and many providers running to stand still. In among that somewhere was a large group of people looking after £400bn of the public’s money.

At least it wasn’t boring.

It’s in that spirit, then, that we offer you FIXED THAT FOR YOU: STATE OF THE PLATFORM NATION – the lang cat’s 2018/19 guide to the advised platform market. Fixing what needs fixed and reminding an industry that its primary purpose is to look after the investments of real people. Something, we suspect, that isn’t thought about or discussed nearly enough at the senior level.

In the Guide this year:

  • In-depth reviews of over 20 platforms, with stats, assessments and all sorts of useful stuff.
  • Our annual guide to platform pricing, including multi-wrapper portfolios and book-level pricing examples.
  • ‘The Market In Five Charts’ – the stats that tell the real story of what’s going on in platforms and which blow some myths clean out of the water. Take that, myths.
  • An in-depth reference section on regulation – it’s not exciting but it is useful.
  • The lang cat’s Trust Manifesto – how the industry can, simply, do better.
  • And our 2018 Platform of the Year Awards for some businesses which certainly don’t need fixed.


We’ve fixed our price for advisers (again) at only £150 plus VAT.

You’re probably already set up with your own account on our website by now and gaze upon your download library with pride. If you’re new to it all, just follow the instructions during check-out and you’ll be fine. And worry not, we treat your data as if it were our own (which means we keep it on a Post-it in our wallet).

Once you’ve checked out, you’ll see a link to your copy. It’s quite small so best peer through the correct part of your varifocals. It’ll come to you by email too, so keep an eye on your Spam and Clutter folders if you don’t see it.


Never a truer word, but keeping the costs down for advisers means that everyone else (large adviser firms, networks, providers, asset managers, consultancies and anyone else who isn’t a regular-size adviser firm) has to pay a bit more.

But, we’re all about the #value (sigh), so you can buy your Guide at a discount as part of our market insight package, which also includes the quarterly Platform Market Scorecard and other high-end lang cat insight.

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