MS15/2.3 what you need to do now

MS15/2.3 what you need to do now


Few regulatory updates have had quite the build up of the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study Final Report. Eighteen months of market study, interim findings, industry feedback and the regulator’s considered opinion of that, to be precise.

But here we are. Here, being the business end of 10 remedies outlined in the final report and intended to cure all that the FCA considers to be ailing the asset management market and how it works (or not) for consumers.

Of those 10 remedies, we focus on those aimed at increasing protection for consumers who are less able to find better value for money. That’s not only because they’re important but because the FCA has placed them at the top of its to-do list, in the form of consultation paper (CP)17/18: Consultation on implementing asset management market study remedies and changes to our handbook. Trips off the tongue, no?

Anyway, whether you’re a platform, fund manager, financial adviser or consumer, we outline what you should be doing when it comes to governance, risk-free box profits (we’ll explain) and making sure that investors are in the best value share classes.


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