Never mind the quality feel the width 3

Never mind the quality feel the width 3


October 2017


NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, FEEL THE WIDTH was the result of CWC Research and the lang cat joining forces to shine a light on the investment outsourcing market. By playing to our respective strengths we delved deep into both how advisers research, select and use outsourced investment propositions as well as the detail of those propositions.

The second edition saw our collective attention follow the market and turn to centralised retirement propositions, their role in meeting client needs and the associated challenges.

Retirement income remains a core aspect of the investment outsourcing market and features heavily in the third edition. ‘We revisit some aspects of last year’s work to see how things have moved on in terms of how advisers are addressing client needs in a retirement market that’s starting to settle after several years of seismic change. But we also look beyond the investment offering to platforms, questioning how effectively advisers’ platforms of choice support their efforts.


  • How much new business is flowing into CIPs? How much of this is dictated by the business model?
  • What drives adviser decision making when outsourcing investment? How important is cost?
  • Just how dominant are passive funds? And what’s behind the movement?
  • Does cost influence performance?
  • Is sequence risk considered a serious threat in our long-term bull market?
  • How effectively is client attitude to risk being mapped to the eventual investment recommendation?
  • How well do advisers believe that platforms support retirement income provision? And how closely does this belief match the reality of platform propositions?

NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, FEEL THE WIDTH 3 is a major market study examining some of the key issues and topics in the investment outsourcing market. It’s aimed at fund managers, platforms/providers and advisers and is priced at £3,500 plus VAT.

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