Platform market scorecard, q2 2017

Platform market scorecard, q2 2017


The lang cat’s Platform Market Scorecard gives you the skinny on everything you need to keep informed on a regular basis on what is (and isn’t) happening in the ever-evolving sphere of adviser platforms.

Here’s a high-level summary of what’s in the Q2 edition:

  • Macro and micro market trends
  • What each platform has developed in the quarter
  • Market sizing: (AUA, gross inflows, net inflows)
  • Pricing: this quarter, we shine a light on the cost of running portfolios containing ETI’s
  • Proposition: how we rate each platform across the 11 core areas of proposition – this quarter we take a deep dive into ISA functionality
  • And a good bit more than that too within its 24 pages

Each quarter, in addition to covering all the core trends, market changes and data, we’ll assess in detail some specific areas of the market. In Q2 it was ISA functionality and the cost of running ETI portfolios. There’s no shortage of things on our list for the coming year, but we’re also open to suggestion – you know how to get in touch.