When the levee breaks

When the levee breaks


April 2015


It may have escaped your attention but Things Are Afoot in the retirement savings market. Yes, really. And not just a few ‘DRIPS’ into the bucket of business as usual. No, this is a ‘DELUGE’ of doing things differently. A ‘RIVER’ of revolution.

Which brings us neatly to ‘WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS: WHAT NEXT FOR THE UK RETIREMENT SAVINGS MARKET?’ the lang cat’s guide to what it all means for advisers, providers and consumers but, more importantly, what’s next once we move on from the initial ‘FLOOD’ of . Oh, you’ve got it now? With the water? And the levee? OK.

Here’s what awaits you as we ‘SURF’ the ‘WAVE’ of change in retirement savings (sorry):

  • In-depth view of impacts on providers, consumers and advisers!
  • Product availability and charge analysis (natch)!
  • Regulatory roundup!
  • Dingo jokes!
  • Lessons from the USA and Australia!
  • Lizards!
  • The second line of defence in practice (featuring a lang cat field trip to Scottish Widows)!
  • The proposed secondary annuity market (featuring the wisdom of Platform Man)!
  • Pictures of cats and stuff!


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