How much is it to use Analyser?

To experience the full power of Analyser, the price is £25 + VAT a month, or £300 + VAT a year. Included in this price, you get all this:

  • A proven deep-dive screening process to create bespoke due diligence reports setting out the rationale behind your chosen platforms, with a built-in audit trail to boot.
  • The ability to run one-off interactive pricing and features comparisons between platforms, based on specific must-haves or great-to-haves… all done in seconds.
  • The ability to compare and contrast MPS in order to create a MPS shortlist 
  • Ad hoc research to help you keep up with the key issues of the day.
  • Staying informed about what’s happening in your industry through our market insight, reports, briefings, articles and other useful content, all in one place.
  • New functionality added all the time – at no extra cost.